Black 95 project

I have been keeping up with your progress. Got a few ideas and good info since I was doing the same thing. Nice work.
Those are kooks headers. I have V-band clamps welded on and should have had the oxygen sensor bugs moved too (I was told), but I got in a hurry and my welder guy got flaky so I left them alone.
I got the drivers side done and was able to reuse the stock dipstick with a little trim.
This is what the rest of my exhaust is going to be. The collector, a S-bend to clear the cross member, then a magnaflo muffler and a 45 bend out in front of the rear tires. All 3" and going to be loud .

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Thanks for storing my stuff for so long for me, Glen! And for the smog parts! Was a pleasure meeting you and swapping war stories. I look forward to doing it again sometime!
It was a lot of fun. Loved seeing your truck. Hopefully we can come down and have some good NC BBQ soon.
Got the passenger side on today. If your getting the kooks headers be ready to move the oxygen sensor bungs. The one on the passenger side is useless. It will fit on the drivers side with a wire extension. I'm going to weld in two new bungs into the header collectors now for the Spartan/PimpXshift I'll be installing later.

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They make 90 degree O2 sensor adapters that might help. I have no idea how good they really are in terms of impacting the sensor reading.
I ordered 2- 45 degree and 2-straight and two plugs to just plug them for now. I'll be getting a pimpxshift and spartan hopefully this spring but as I'm building the exhaust I'll find a nice spot. I am thinking the 45 degree ones might be nice.
All back together and running great. Idle seems a tad high but I didn't let it warm up real good yet. No check engine light and runs smooth so far. No mufflers or pipes yet so real loud.


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I got a EGR Delete for 1986-1995 Ford F150 5.8L EGR Simulator Eliminator Delete, From EGR Performance. It plugged right in and seems to do what it's supposed to. I haven't Driven it yet though.
I think this is going to be my temporary solution till I figure out how to get over the rear axel. It's going to be way too loud to leave it that way I think. Jamie had the great idea of getting just the bassani over the axel section they make, if they will sell me just that section alone without the rest of the kit.

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That is not going to work on the passenger side. Not enough room between the header collector and the frame. Might try a offset muffler on that side. Looks like almost exactly 3 inches difference.
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Bassani sold just the cat section of the mid pipe to me, so I bet they'll sell you the tailpipe section.
I sent them an email waiting to hear back now. I also ordered the offset muffler. It looks like the offset is exactly 3 inches so that may put each side symmetrical with each other.
A muffer shop should be able to bend you a section to go over the axel.

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In the process of getting antique tags here in VA. Somehow the state is arguing that my truck is red. They say it comes from the vin in their system.
What number in the vin indicates color?